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Meet The Webkinz Animals!

Picture of Piplup - Webkinz Animal Picture of Charity - Webkinz Animal
Hi, I'm Piplup! My Birthday is May 4th. I'm hilarious and, I'm buddies with a Panda. I love bananas and, I've always loved the game of checkers. Hi, I'm Charity! My birthday is May 17th. I'm very smart , and I'm best friends with a Grey Arabian. I love the the taste of cupcakes, and I love the game breaking news jigsaw puzzle.
Picture of Copper - Webkinz Animal Picture of Crockie - Webkinz Animal
Hi, I'm Copper! My birthday is June 29th. I'm a cool dancer, and I'm best friends with a Velvety Elephant. I love to eat watermelon, and I love the Dr. Quack plush toy. Hi, I'm Crockie! My birthday is December 14th. I love skateboarding, and I'm buddies with a Pink Poodle. I love pretzels, and I play with a toy dump truck.
Picture of Cutiepie - Webkinz Animal Picture of Moonlight - Webkinz Animal
 Hi, I'm Cutie Pie! My birthday is April 14th. I love collecting Trading Cards, and I'm best friends with a Fantail Goldfish. I love eating watermelons, and playing with a basketball. Hi, I'm Moonlight! My birthday is September 7th. I think swimming is awesome, and I'm best friends with a Pink Poodle. I love lemon  meringue pie, and I love playing with my toy guitar.
Picture of Polly - Webkinz Animal Picture of Sandy - Webkinz Animal
 Hi, I'm Polly! My birthday is June 28th. I'm an amazing singer, and I'm best friends with a Green Frog. I love the taste of pizza, and I love the game Zingoz Switcherooz. Hi, I'm Sandy! My birthday is January 19th. I love to write stories, and I'm best friends with a Turtle. I love to eat pizza, and love my toy cellphone.

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