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How do I protect my Webkinz account?

Think safety! You should *NEVER* share your password with anyone, including friends. If your friends log into your account and do something they should not, your account could be closed. They could also give all of your items away or sell them for Kinzcash! You should also change your password every few weeks or anytime you think someone other than you may have logged into your account. Make sure you pick a secret password that only you would know. A password should not be "password" or "1234" or "abcd" for example. It should also not be the name of a pet, birthday, or family member's name just to name a few. Try to make it at least 8 characters long.

How do I put clothes on my pet?

Once you have enough Kinzcash to purchase clothes for your pet, you can easily put the clothes on your pet by dragging them from your dock to the pet. To change clothes, you can just drag the new clothes to the pet (and the old clothes will be taken off automatically). To take the clothes off, click the Dress button at the top of the screen.

What is the Pet of the Month?

Each month, a new pet becomes the Pet of the Month! If you purchase the Pet of the Month at the store and register it during that same month on the Webkinz website, you will receive a Wish Token, Pet of the Month Item (like a flying saucer!), and a random amount of Kinzcash! So if you going to buy a new pet, make sure to buy the Pet of the Month and register in that month!

What do I feed my pet?

When you register your pet, you will receive a food item specifically for your pet. These food items must be purchased to feed your pet. You can also make your own food items from ingredients that you purchase from the "W" shop. Recipes for items that your pet will enjoy can be found in a book such as "Totally Blendin' Cook Book" which can purchased at the "W" store. In many cases, buying the ingredients to make your own pet food is less expensive than buying the special food item for your pet.

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