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Webkinz Animals Tricks and Tips
on Exclusive and Rare Items!

What are Exclusive Items?

Exclusive Items are special items that cannot be purchased with Kinzcash.  They are items that you must earn.  Look below for more information on how to get exclusive items and the list of exclusive items available!

What are some of the Exclusive Items?

4 Wheel ATV
Antique Lamppost
Dex Dangerous Space Fighter
Neon Plant
Magic Carpet
Rockin' Robot Digital Clock
Strike-a-Posting Plant
Wooden Grandfather Clock
Webkinz Theme Music Box
Zingo Bubble Blower
Vortex Storage Unit
Twister in a Pot
Webkinz Dragster
Stoplight Lamp
Rainy Day Window
Propeller Plane
Rainbow Coffee Table
Sparkle Plant
So-Mod Moped Scooter
Prismatic Chair
Ribbons and Bows Tree
Rainbow Jelly Cactus
Large Pane Window
Toadstool Table
Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp
Webkinz Wishing Well
Webkinz W Pond
YangYin Blossom
Cukoo Cat Clock
Desert Window
Disco Ball
Elephant Fountain
Gemstone Table
Giant Feather Chair
Giant Sandwich Table
Gold Safe
Haunted Painting
Jellybean Tree
Amethyst Geode
Back Country Outhouse
Blue Wagon
Circle of Friend Topiary

What are Rare Items?

Rare Items are sold only by Artie in the Curio Shop. A Rare Item is different from an Exclusive Item because you can only get Rare Items by purchasing them or trading for them.

What are some of the Rare Items?

Chef's Hat
Chef's Shirt
Greasy Grill
Jumpin' Jukebox
Luxury Hotub
Golf Cart
Hot Air Balloon
Ancient Wading Pool
In-Room Bowling Alley
Medieval Flooring
Medieval Wallpaper
Basketball Wallpaper
Basketball Flooring
Soccer Flooring
Soccer Wallpaper
Chutes and Ladders Flooring
Gaming Room Flooring
Gaming Room Wallpaper
Bee Antennas Costume
Bee T-shirt
Bee Pants
Bee Shoes

How can I get Exclusive Items?

You receive an Exclusive Item when you register each of your pets. You can also get Exclusive Items from the Wish Factory. You can visit the Wish Factory after you have earned 10 wish tokens, which will be enough to allow you to redeem them for an exclusive item.

What are Wish Tokens?

Wish tokens are redeemable for exclusive items.  You can get wish tokens by buying a Pet of the Month or by playing "Token Balloon Dartz". The schedule for "Token Balloon Dartz" can be found in the Hourly Event area.

You can also get wish tokens for your Webkinz animal's birthday!  You can find your pet's birthday by going to to the "Me and my pets" page and clicking on the biography of the pet you want to see.  Once you know the day of your pet's birthday and that day arrives, you will receive a message in your mailbox and get 1 wish token and a piece of cake.

Wish tokens are part of your Webkinz account, and are not specific to any pet.  This means that if each of your 10 pets for example, earned 1 token each, your account would have 10 wish tokens and you could redeem that for one exclusive item.

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