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on Jobs!

What are Webkinz Jobs?

Webkinz jobs can earn you Kinzcash! New jobs are posted hourly on the Webkinz Job Board. There are many different types of jobs, such as Dr. Quack's Assistant, babysitter, fence painter, or even grocery clerk! You can perform one job every 8 hours, no matter how many pets you have.

What do the job colors mean?

There are yellow, blue, and green jobs.  When you look at the job board, the jobs are color coded. Jobs that are yellow you can do right away. Jobs that are blue require you to have done something before you are allowed to do that job. As an example, the gem mining job requires that you play Gem Hunt at the Curio Shop and have received at least 20 gems. Jobs that are green are the most difficult to do. As an example, to be a KinzPost Sorter you must do 50 math questions at Quizzy's Question Corner before you are allowed to try this job.

Do jobs have different levels to them?

Yes! There are three different levels, for each of the three different job types.  Here's the breakdown so you can get the most Kinzcash!
Color Level Kinzcash
Yellow 1 $50
Yellow 2 $100
Yellow 3 $175
Blue 1 $75
Blue 2 $150
Blue 3 $250
Green 1 $100
Green 2 $200
Green 3 $350

So what is Piplup's favorite job?

Fence Painting!

So why is fence painting Piplup's favorite job?

Because it is fun and requires you to remember the fence colors in order and then paint them yourself! The challenge is to paint all 5 fences within the time limit! It gets even more challenging on higher levels!

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