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Webkinz Animals Tricks and Tips
on the Webkinz Stadium!

What is the Webkinz Stadium?

The Webkinz Stadium is a place where Webkinz animals can compete against other Webkinz animals. There are only two types of competitions currently (as of July 27th, 2008). The two competitions are the Beauty Pageant and the Cooking Competition. If you compete and win in these competitions, you can win Kinzcash!

How do you compete in the Beauty Pageant?

You start by figuring out when the next Beauty Pageant contest is.  To find the next competition, go to the Webkinz Stadium on Things to Do, and click View Schedule.  It will show the next time a Beauty Pageant is scheduled.  Once the day and time of the pageant comes, wait for the Enter Pet sign to turn green, and click it to begin.  There are only 5,000 slots available for this competition, so be quick!  Select the animal you want to enter the competition, and click Enter Pet.  Entering the pageant takes $25 Kinzcash.  Once you've entered your pet, the fun begins!  It's time to dress up your animal!

What are some tips and tricks for dressing your pet?

The judges seem to like W Shop clothes, along with rare clothes, which can be found in the Curio Shop.  They also like to see clothes that are exclusive (which can be purchased at a store that sells Webkinz products).  These exclusive clothes come with a code that you can enter into the Webkinz website and that item then is available for your virtual pet to wear.

The judges also like you to use common sense when wearing your clothes!  Don't put everything you have on to try to impress them, because they won't be.  Try mixing and matching clothes from the Curio Shop and any exclusive clothing you have, along with clothes from the W Shop to create a neat and awesome look for your animal!  Remember, less is sometimes more!

How do you win the Beauty Pageant?

For the Beauty Pageant, there are 10 winners, 1st place to 10th place. 1st place receives $9000 Kinzcash and a special prize!! Here's a breakdown of all of the Kinzcash for all the winners:

Place Kinzcash
1st $9000
2nd $5000
3rd $2000
4th $1000
5th $1000
6th $400
7th $400
8th $400
9th $400
10th $400

How do you compete in the Cooking Competition

Step 1: Enter the competition
Step 2: Watch your pet!
Step 3: Wait for results!

Seriously, there's not too much to this competition other than signing up!  The cooking is all done for you automatically.  Your score is based, in part, on your animal's creativity level.  So the best thing you can do to help you in this competition is to keep working on your skills at the KinzVille Academy!

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