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What is Kinzcash?

Kinzcash is the money used in the world of Webkinz. It can be used to purchase items for your pet such as clothing, food, and decorations for your pet's home.

What are the different ways you can earn Kinzcash?

You can earn Kinzcash by doing daily activities, jobs, hourly events, going to the arcade and playing games, and by going to Quizzy's Question Corner. These are just some of the ways to earn the most Kinzcash! Daily activities are games you can play only once per day. You can do one job every 8 hours. Hourly events are special events such as receiving an extra spin on the Wheel of Wow. These hourly events happen at specific times during the day. Log into your account first thing in the morning to see the schedule of these hourly events. Be sure to check for special events like "The Big Button of Kinzcash", which gives you an extra, random amount of Kinzcash!

What can I do with Kinzcash?

There are loads of items to buy with Kinzcash. You can buy beds and clothing at the 'W' shop. You can also go the Curio shop, which has many of the same items as the 'W' shop, but are less expensive. You have to be a bargain shopper to get the best deals at the Curio shop. Look for items that are on sale and if the item you want is not on sale, you can check back later. Sometimes you can also purchase Rare Items in the Curio shop that you cannot get in the 'W' shop. Keep in mind, Rare Items can be quite expensive, so save up!

How can I earn extra Kinzcash with the Game of the Day?

The Game of the Day is an ordinary arcade game that gives out extra Kinzcash on that day. When you first login to your account, look in the newspaper to see today's Game of the Day.

How can I earn Kinzcash with "Me and My Pets"?

Me and My Pets is a page with three tabs on it: My Pets, Daily KinzCare, and My Options. The Daily KinzCare tab is where you can earn Kinzcash and extra food! There are seven boxes, one for each day of the week. The week begins on Monday. If you click "I love my Webkinz" every day of the week, you will be awarded food and money. If you complete all seven days of the week, on Sunday you will earn $25 extra Kinzcash, a food item, and a chance to win an Exclusive Item.

How can I earn Kinzcash by doing surveys?

Every few days there is a survey. A survey is a single question for you to answer in exchange for Kinzcash and your pet's happiness. When you login, go to the newspaper and click "Contact us" on the right-hand corner. Then click "Comments and Suggestions". You might see a question like this for example: "What new superbed do you like better?" and you will be presented with choices. Click the one you prefer and you will be awarded $50 Kinzcash and your pet will be happier (your pet's happiness bar will go up!).

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