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on Arcade Games!

What are Arcade Games?

Webkinz Arcade Games are super fun games that you can play to earn Kinzcash. There are 39 arcade games that owners can play to earn Kinzcash. Some games are much easier to play than others, but the easier the game, the less Kinzcash you will earn. Piplup's favorite games are Cash Cow and Waddles Icecap Adventure!

Can you tell me how to play Cash Cow?

Cash Cow is a game where there are rows of bottle caps and new rows keep appearing at the bottom. The object is to click on groups of three of the same color, or more, which removes the bottlecaps from the board and increases your score. The higher the score, the more Kinzcash you receive. If you manage to completely clear the board, you get a bonus of $6 Kinzcash, and it goes up from there each time you clear the board!

How do you play Waddles Icecap Adventure?

You are a penguin and your job is to eat as many fish as you can in a certain amount of time. Silver fish start out at 5 points, orange fish are 10, and red fish are 15. For every 25 points, you get $1 Kinzcash. For every level you pass, the points you receive per fish goes up by 1. Watch out for polar bears and don't fall in the ice holes!

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