Webkinz Tricks and Tips

Webkinz Animals Tricks and Tips
from Piplup!

Piplup's Tip #1

When trading with another member, be sure the trade you are making is the one you really want! You can only trade with another member once per day.

Piplup's Tip #2

Never ever give out your password to anyone, even friends! Make sure you use a password you can remember, but not a password that someone that knows you can guess (like your birthday, pet's name, or your name for example).

Piplup's Tip #3

The smartest way to build up your Kinzcash so you can buy lots of new items is to do your daily activities EVERY day! On average, you'll earn $100 Kinzcash or more. It's quick, easy, and will let you buy your pet lots of goodies!

Piplup's Tip #4

The "Totally Blendin' Cook Book" has loads of yummy recipes for your Webkinz animal! Get your copy at the W Shop today!

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