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What is KinzChat?

KinzChat is a way for your Webkinz animals to talk to others in Webkinz World! In the original version of KinzChat, your pet is only allowed to say phrases that are selected from a list. This is a great way for younger members to interact safely with other members, and the best part is, there is no typing involved!

What is KinzChat Plus?

KinzChat Plus is another way for your Webkinz animals to talk to others in Webkinz World! In KinzChat Plus, you can actually type your own words and talk to other members! To keep the chat safe, there are a limited number of words that can be typed. In addition to certain words not being allowed, numbers, places, proper names, etc., are not allowed to be typed either.

How do you get KinzChat?

KinzChat is available for anyone to use and does not require your parent's permission since you can only select from predefined phrases. To use it, you click to the Clubhouse on the right (it's the yellow one).

How do you get KinzChat Plus?

KinzChat Plus requires your parent's permission since you can type your own phrases, and other members can type phrases back to you. To sign up for it, your parent should go to the Parent's area of Webkinz World and read through the section called "Manage Kinzchat Plus Access".  At the bottom, they will see a button that says Grant Access.  Once clicked, they need to fill in the information requested to receive an e-mail with instructions on enabling it!  Once your parent has given you access, you can get into the chat by going to the Clubhouse on left (it's the pink one).  Once there, read the rules and click I agree, and then you'll be able to pick and room and chat away!

When are the chat areas open?

KinzChat Plus is usually open from 9AM to 5PM, 7 days a week. The original KinzChat is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Help me Copper! I've been banned!

You need to behave yourself! If you say something inappropriate, another member in the room can report you to a moderator! If the moderator decides that what you said was inappropriate, you will be banned for 30 days. If you get reported a second time, you will be banned for 60 days. If it happens a third time, you will most likely be banned permanently. Your parents will also receive an e-mail notifying them why you were banned. Don't want to be banned?  Just behave and have a great time with all the other Webkinz animals!

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